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Secure & Reliable

Linuxhosters, unlike the majority of hosters do not have firewall and many security features enabled because they get bomarded with support requests to remove blocks. We only host a limited number of clients on each server and monitor usage which enables us to enable the best security available on our servers. Our servers may not be right for everyone, for example we disable functions such as phpmail() which accounts for most spam that flows via the internet. If functions like this are necessary for you then we will advise on a more secure method, or enable the function if we consider it to be used responsibly.


Configured for Performance

When your server admin has over 15 years of experience, we are certainly not noobs relying on external support and hanging around. Many ask us about our configurations and while we offer advice to other hosters via communities, we ensure we remain ahead of the game and learn and understand new features with updates which are frequently updated, and we do deploy and enjoy taking full advantage of secure and lightning fast web sites. You will often find there is no need to enable features or plugins to take advantage of high speed page loads because they are likely to be enabled server side, so your site works even faster due to less code added to your site


Great Support, Happy Clients

We are often alerted of any server issues by our own branded in house monitoring system, along with our data center means any issues are resolved within minutes before you are aware of them. The main cause of any server issue is usually caused by clients unaware of how to secure their code and not using best practices. When we detect any surge in resource usage we will be aware of it within minutes and not only do we resolve issues very quickly, we are happy to advise our clients on best methods and happy to educate, so we make web masters smart web masters.


Making it Easy

Our control panel enables you to create fresh, creative and effective sites which includes forms, sliders and many other features without the need for any code knowledge whatsoever!


Start with a Freebie!

This is your first step in engaging in the online world, and one of the most important decisions is you want that perfect domain name. We offer you a completely free one to get you started when you sign up to any hosting package. Some TLD extensions (for eg. .london) are exempt.


Free, no pain Migration

We can transfer your site with complete ease, you will be surprised how quickly we do this with perfection. We can also transform your site address to any other domain name should you wish to change, we can do this in minutes, even on platforms such as Wordpress

That's just for starters

We offer a great deal more, just ask any hoster if they can deliver similar features for the same small cost


Instant Setup

We will instantly set up your account automatically with your Linux Hosting package upon successful payment


Backups - Your Safe!

We use R1 Software backups (disk restore) to ensure our server is has 100% backup ability, and in addition, all user accounts are stored within an alternative data center


GIT/SVN Support

GIT and SVN are enjoyed by web developers who use version control software mechanisms to keep track of revisions and software development. That's why we include these features!


Over 300 Auto Install Scripts

We have a stack of auto installers which can be integrated to your website or be a standalone feature, if you want a ticket system for example, there's plenty to choose from amongst many other categories


cPanel Control Panel

The industry standard cPanel is inclusive for all hosting packages. Simple to use, create your email accounts, view your stats and a whole load more


Latest PHP & MySQL

We use the latest PHP and MySQL database software and are configured for absolute optimum performance on our Linux Servers


Lightning Linux Speed

Our Linux Servers run the latest version of LiteSpeed Apache Web Server, which performs at least 10 times faster and effectively than the default Web Server used by nearly every hosting provider.


Secure No Nonsense

If you want to send junk mail or host torrents, then our services probably aren't for you. We have all security features enabled and malware or high resource usage scripts will be identified so that other users are not impacted whatsoever

Domain Search

Grab a domain free with all our packages


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